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How you'll benefit from Catoo

  • Exciting content presentation in your own branded app
  • The fastest way to get your content to the customer
  • Save on printing costs
  • Constant availability and attractive range through interactive apps
  • Your entire content or product portfolio on the iPad
  • Simple integration into your web shop or website
  • Extended interactivity through multimedia overlays
  • Comfortable user experience thanks to fast rendering
  • Social media integration
  • Increase in sales through mobile offers
  • Better conversation rates
  • Increased name recognition


Use cases

Mobile publishing


Magazines Booklets
E-Learning Handbooks
Training material Instruction manuals
Journals Data sheets
Newspapers Documentation

Mobile commerce


Catalogs Flyers
Brochures  Menus
Price lists Financial reports
Booklets White papers
Product information sheets  

Sample app

Have a look at our free sample app at the App Store!


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Just sign up (with cloud@catoo.io/Demo123) and upload a PDF, then try out all Catoo Cloud features for free!


Catoo for Android

Catoo also offers an Android based solution. Please contact our team to get more informations.



What else do we offer?

In addition to the Catoo Cloud and the Catoo Toolkit, we offer full services for publishers, brands and agencies. M-Way Solutions creates mobile publishing and m-commerce solutions like mobile catalogs, mobile shops and all kind of mobile content publications! We also expand your app experience with additional features such as location based services or QR code modules.

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Are you a developer?

The Catoo Toolkit includes a variety of useful tools and components that you can use to create tailor-made apps  with individual content. Use the Xcode sample project with its integrated library and adapt it to your needs.  In addition, you can prepare your PDF content with the Catoo Catalog Composer. Discover the advantages of the Catoo Toolkit!

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